9/11 Memorial

by Lois Etienne on September 9, 2011

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First responders and clergy are not invited to the 2011 September 11 memorial ceremony at ground zero.”

I recently read that statement in disbelief. I even looked it up to see if it was true, and it is. I also read that there simply isn’t enough room for the victim’s families AND the firefighters and police who responded that fateful day. It just seemed to me that a city as big as New York could have figured out how to accommodate that many folks for the memorial service. I’m frankly not surprised by the lack of clergy…heaven forbid someone should offer a prayer to God!

Our country will forever be changed by 9/11. Even for our seniors who have never seen the battle waged on our own shores (except Pearl Harbor).  And for certain, it allows us some sympathy for the families who lose loved ones everyday across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to bombings, shootings and terrorist attacks. I will never understand the senseless acts that any one person can inflict upon other innocent people. There have always been crazy people in this world but they now have the internet to teach them how to make bombs and how to join secret groups that are terrorists or groups that abduct and molest children. We live in a crazy world and without God, I personally don’t think there’s much hope for any of us.

Once again, I feel proud and blessed to be an American, I just wish more Americans felt the same.

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