Alzheimer’s Affects Us All

by Lois Etienne on November 28, 2012

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November is National Alzheimer’s Month. One of the many reasons that I started this business was because of my grandmother, Sylvia. She lived to be 94 after losing her husband about 15 years earlier and two sons and one daughter preceded her in death. I actually lived with her most of my senior year in high school and my first year of college. She had a sense of humor and duty, kind yet prejudiced at times, competitive yet generous, strong yet frail. By the time she was about 88, she had Alzheimer’s. I lived far away by then but I finally quit calling when she couldn’t figure out who I was. We just didn’t know a lot about the disease back then.

I’m privileged to be presenting a class for family caregivers of folks with Alzheimer’s disease. On Dec 6th, at our Lynnwood office, I will be presenting a two hour class on dementia and Alzheimer’s and discuss ways to capture someone’s life story to enhance care. Later in the new year, I’ll present another class differentiating what kind of behaviors need to managed and how activities can be created around things from your loved one’s past that will make life easier and better for everyone involved.

Call our Lynnwood office for more information at 425-670-2292 or go to the following link,, for additional resources.

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