Are You Prepared, Really?

by Lois Etienne on March 21, 2012

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I was reading someone else’s blog who was covering a very interesting topic. Do you know what kind of administrative stuff you are going to have to do when your spouse dies?

Never mind the funeral and the wills and sorting through their personal things. How about contacting Social Security and Medicare? Changing advanced directives and emergency contacts on everything? Did you have a joint account or are there funds frozen in a separate account? Do you need to sell a car and where is that title? Do you need to change or cancel bills and subscriptions, credit cards, utilities? Who paid the bills and do you know if they paid by check or online? How about transferring the deed on the house or cancelling appointments? Are you entitled to VA or employee benefits?

And my favorite two issues are making sure the taxes are still done AND did they keep a list of passwords somewhere?

This sounds like a nightmare while in the midst of grieving a loved one’s passing. What to do? Well, like I always say, get educated, prepare before the crisis. Talk to your spouse, make a place or list of account numbers and passwords, share information with a child or trusted friend. There is wisdom and power in knowledge…give that as a gift to one another.

Home Instead has a great tool for you to use to start your preparation journey. Check it out at: and look up Senior Emergency Kits.

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PEARL McCARTY April 18, 2012 at 11:40 am

Lois, Thanks for this. I have no spouse but I am in process of educating my kids on my affairs so they won’t be overwhelmed when they need to handle things. I have seen the children of clients stumble through the process.

The hard part is getting them to understand I am not planning to have dementia or die, but God’s plan is His plan and so far He hasn’t shared it with me.



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