Birthday Dance

by Lois Etienne on August 15, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

Okay, tomorrow is my birthday and I feel like rambling, so you can turn me off now if you want to. In the last six weeks I’ve lost an old friend who was only a couple years older than myself.  Two days ago, a dear friend spent over eleven hours in surgery for pancreatic cancer. I’m at that age where heart disease and cancer tends to take a lot people. But why do some people get the chance to say goodbye to their loved ones, get to put their affairs in order, get to contemplate their life and its value, their legacy. While others are snatched from their loved ones without a word, things left unsaid, wills that were never filled out or insurance never bought.

Take some time to think about what it would be like if you were to die tonight or if you knew you had six months to live. Go to bed every night without anger, mend fences while you can, decide what’s really important then live each day telling people that you care, smile at strangers, talk to God and like the song says….dance! Okay, if you have a better idea, you’re welcome to make comments!

Okay, he has nothing to do with anything today...but he's cute!!

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