Avoid Readmissions

by Lois Etienne on February 24, 2013

in Caregiver Support,Senior Health and Safety

It can be very nerve-wracking when you or your loved one is admitted to a hospital or healthcare facility. And likely, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is what happens when the doctor discharges you.

HospitalizedBut thinking about the returning home process right from the start is one of the best things a senior can do for themselves. Discharge is a key point in the recovery process. Planning ahead and preparing for a safe return home can mean the difference between readmission and a full recovery.

Medicare has extensively studied readmissions for numerous health issues within thirty days of discharge. Many issues factor into why older adults are vulnerable to problems at home after they have been in a medical, hospice or rehabilitation setting. But these same studies have proven that there are some simple steps to avoiding readmission. I’ll be sharing them all next time but first hint, none of them are expensive or hard to do. That’s good news! Stay tuned…

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