Best laid plans….

by Lois Etienne on May 6, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

We all KNOW we need more exercise. We all make great plans to start moving more, counting steps, join a gym or buy a workout video. Well, maybe we really do buy the pedometer, join the gym or buy the workout video but what then? You get tired of messing with the pedometer, you can’t find a convenient time to go to the gym (and who wants to work out in front of a 25 year old Mr. Universe) and the video is collecting dust!

Well, my first piece of advice is that is shouldn’t cost you anything. There is tons of information on the internet. One site I like is because it shows you a total body workout for seniors and it only requires a chair and a wall….well you can use a ball and a resistance band also but you get my point.

And remember, it’s never too late to start. If you doubt, go down and reread my last blog…what inspiration.

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