Betty White’s Exercise Program

by Lois Etienne on July 15, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

Myth: Exercise puts me at risk of falling down.

Fact: Regular exercise, by building strength and stamina, prevents loss of bone mass and improves balance, actually reducing your risk of falling.

Okay, we get it, we need to move more to stay strong, stand on one foot more to increase balance, lift weights to decrease bone loss…I got it…I just don’t want it! I’ve never been a sports enthusiast on a good day. I’ve tried running, lifting weights, working out at a gym, bought a treadmill, bought an elliptical, bought another treadmill…bought a dog! I’ve tried it all but I just don’t like exercise. And I’m in good company…neither does my sister. Now, that probably has something to do with how we were raised but there it is.

I think the best approach is just to be lazy! They say a lazy person works three times as hard as those who are not lazy. So there you have it. I’ll just leave things where they land until I need them, the search alone should be worth some calories!

Or maybe I’ll try incorporating the little things like…taking the stairs instead of the elevator…parking further out in the parking lot…playing “Twister”….NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

I have finally decided to take up Betty White’s exercise program. When asked what she does, she replied, “Oh, my! I just have a three story house and I’m VERY forgetful!” Now, that works for me because you don’t really have a choice!

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