Choose Thankfulness

by Lois Etienne on November 23, 2011

in Holidays,Senior Health and Safety

This time of year we reflect on the many blessings we have…health, wealth, family, friends…but what if we lived in a place of gratitude every day? There are a lot of studies that say that you live longer if you are happy and socially active. I believe most of the contentment we find in life is when we look at the ways we really are blessed rather than on the (usually) little things that can annoy us.

I’m always reminded of the employee who gets yelled at by his boss, who then turns around and yells at his son, who then kicks the dog!!! We can certainly let things ruin our entire day. I determined long ago that I won’t let others or circumstances have that kind of control in my life. I choose EVERY day to be happy. Some days are easier than others!

I know that my character is one of optimism in general to begin with but I know that life is always throwing curve balls our way and how we respond to them can move us forward and even encourage others around us OR they can drag us down and everyone around us with them.

Choose happiness today. Choose thankfulness today. Choose to have a good life…you could have been born to a starving mother in Africa.

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