Cooking Under Pressure

by Lois Etienne on June 24, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

Healthy eating is essential for people of all ages, but for many seniors, a well-balanced diet is the key to feeling their best.  In fact, nutrition experts consider good nutrition as the first line of defense in helping to keep seniors healthy and independent.

A variety of issues, from medications and illnesses to memory problems and physical constraints, can jeopardize a senior’s ability to maintain a balanced diet. Seniors may find grocery shopping difficult, feel uncomfortable in the kitchen or lack the skills necessary to maintain a well-balanced diet.

That’s why Home Instead Senor Care has partnered with the University of Maryland and Duke Diet and Fitness Center to launch its Cooking Under Pressure campaign. Part of this campaign includes a handbook designed to help you plan nourishing and healthful menus that are easy to cook and pleasing to your senior’s palate. For more information, or to download a copy of the Cooking Under Pressure handbook, visit

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