Don’t Go BACK Into the Hospital!

by Lois Etienne on March 13, 2013

in Senior Health and Safety

Okay, you’ve been in the hospital and now you’re home. Data shows that hospital readmission rates are higher for discharged patients living with one of the six chronic conditions listed below.

Senior Mother and Boomer DaughterFocusing on the specific needs around whatever disease process you’re dealing with and accurately following the doctor’s discharge instructions is critical to a successful recovery. Monitoring your care after you’ve returned home by documenting progress and watching for warning signs will help limit the risk of readmission.

Here are some tools and websites for more information.
Diabetes (responsible for most of the readmissions)
Did you know?
• In the total U.S. population 22% of adults have arthritis.1 But arthritis is much more common for people who have some other conditions, for example—
o Fifty-seven percent of people with heart disease also have arthritis (about 11 million people).
o Fifty-two percent of people with diabetes also have arthritis (about 7.3 million people).
Co-morbidities (more than one chronic disease) –
Congestive heart failure and heart attacks

Another helpful pamphlet you can just print off: Your Discharge Planning Checklist

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