Everyone has a story!

by Lois Etienne on April 18, 2011

in History

Working with seniors, I believe that more and more every day. We’ve taken care of clients who have entertained royalty, invented things that have allowed long term flights, helped conquer the Alaskan wilderness, escaped oppressive European governments and then there are those who just put one foot in front of the other, raising children, improving their community and helping an occasional stranger.  What is your family’s story? Has your parent/grandparent told you their stories? Have they put their story down on paper or on audio tape or video?

What brought this home for me was that my grandmother used to recite a beautiful repertoire of poetry. I used to ask my mother regularly to have grandmother deliver some poetry on tape. I thought she had never done it but one day I ran across a tape with my grandmother performing one of her poems. It brought me to tears.  We live in an age of old video tapes but we have no way to restore the stories of our parent’s and grandparent’s lives. There are plenty of companies out there to help you but a tape recorder or home grown video will do the trick for the next couple of generations. Get their story t hen tell your children your story and your parent’s story.

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