Falling at Home

by Lois Etienne on June 1, 2012

in Senior Health and Safety

June is National Home Safety Month and a great time to take stock of our living areas.

The top three causes of injury at home are:
• Falls
• Poisoning
• Fires and burns

Since seniors are especially vulnerable to falls, you should try to ensure there are no potential safety risks for increased chances of falling.

Each year one in three adults age 65 or older has at least one fall. You can minimize your risk of fall and/or lessen the impact of a fall by following the following guidelines. Fall-proof your home:

• Make sure there are easily accessible lamps and nightlights in every room of your senior’s home, especially within arm’s length of the bed and between the bed and the bathroom. A phone, cell phone or medical alert button should always be readily accessible.
• Furniture should be arranged so that there are clear walkways, with no throw rugs, electrical or phone cords crossing the path.
• Consider grab-bars for the shower, and make sure there are non-slip adhesive strips in the bath and a non-slip bath mat at the ready for stepping out of the tub.
• In the kitchen, food and cooking items should be stored within easy reach.

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