Favorite Memories

by Lois Etienne on December 17, 2012

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What are some of your favorite memories? Some of my most ‘feel good’ memories are listening to the sound of trains, singing at a Redskins football game (when I was 16), having babies and laughing until my cheeks and my sides hurt when I’m with my family. It’s funny though because my girls don’t know or care about my memories…well, at least not yet. I have some audio tapes of my mother and my grandmother telling me some of their stories but I don’t think I ever asked them about their ‘favorite’ moments in life.

One more time, I encourage you and your loved ones to share your stories, your tears and your joys, things you are proud of and things you wish you could have made it through life and not experienced. Home Instead Senior Care had designed a new ‘CARE’ program to help capture one’s life stories to assist with managing harmful behaviors that can accompany dementia. If you are interested in the program, please go to www.homeinstead.com and click on the ‘Alzheimer’s Disease’ button.

But maybe you just want to preserve your loved one’s essence. Get a tape recorder, get a video camera…do something. How about the new speech recognition program so your loved one could just sit in front of a computer and ‘tell’ their life story? I mentioned to Santa that I would appreciate that program for Christmas…I’ll let you know.

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