Follow-Up Doctor’s Appointments

by Lois Etienne on March 7, 2013

in Senior Health and Safety

Follow up AppointmentsOkay, you were discharged with a plan of care, you’ve gotten home and got your medications in order but it’s also imperative that you help make sure you get to each and every follow up appointment. These medical follow-ups are critical for any necessary prescription updates, blood tests, incision and wound care, and follow-up X-rays and CT scans that help ensure your recovery stays on the right track.

Keep a large desk or wall calendar handy and write in follow-up visits using a bright colored ink such as red or green. It’s also good to keep the appointment calendar by the phone so as new appointments are scheduled they can be easily added in.

Before going to the doctor’s office or other follow-up appointment, make sure you have a current list of all prescriptions, over the counter medications and supplements that you are taking. You should also make sure to have a list of any symptoms you are experiencing that concern you. Go prepared with your list of questions. We always forget at least one question if we don’t write them down.

Getting to the follow-up visits can also be a challenge. If you can’t drive, are in a wheelchair or have medical equipment that must be carried along (e.g., oxygen or IV) you may need to ask other family members, friends, local service agencies, private transport companies or home care providers to help out.

Making sure you stay on track with follow-up medical appointments can help make sure you recover in a timely fashion and return more quickly to a good quality of life.

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