Foot Sense

by Lois Etienne on June 20, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

It’s important to put “your best foot forward.” Be kind to your feet. Years of wear and tear can be hard on feet. So can disease, bad circulation, poorly trimmed toenails and wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. Foot problems are sometimes the first sign of more serious medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and nerve or circulatory disorders.

Practice good foot care. Check your feet often or have a member of your family check them. If you have a problem with your feet, your family doctor can help or you can see a podiatrist. Sometimes, the special skills of an orthopedic surgeon or dermatologist are needed.

One easy step to take is to remember to put your feet up when you are sitting down. This helps keep blood moving back to your heart. So can stretching, walking or having a gentle foot massage. A warm foot bath is also helpful but make sure your feet are dry before you put on your shoes. Don’t sit for a long time or keep your legs crossed for too long. Don’t smoke. Protect your feet by wearing shoes whenever you go outdoors. Wearing comfortable shoes that fit well can prevent many foot problems.

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