Giving to Yourself

by Lois Etienne on April 4, 2012

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Road Scholar, formerly known as Elderhostel, and other companies like it, are educational travel organizations for adults. These educational trips include cultural outings, discussions and meetings all over the world. They offer convenient and economic ways to travel and experience in-depth, behind the scenes learning opportunities, because these trips are all inclusive and the organizations are responsible for planning and handling all details. They may center around a cruise, a walk, bike riding or just classes.

A Group Cruising San Antonio

One such offering is to help construct buildings in Maryland at the Heifer Global Village. It’s to gain a better awareness of hunger and poverty. Once you’re finished helping build, you can provide a helping hand preparing food at a Washington DC food kitchen to be  delivered to local shelters.

I’m all for such things but I think we too often forget that our expertise or our desire to learn or help can be even more effective if we give just a little every week or month. Find a local food bank, a women’s shelter, foster child program…something where you can give just a little (or a lot) of your time or finances. It will be appreciated and I guarantee you that you will receive more than you give!

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