Giving Up the Keys

by Lois Etienne on July 18, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

Why are seniors so reticent to give up their keys and their car? Since it’s frequently a safety issue in my line of business at Home Instead Senior Care, I always ask the family to put themselves in Dad’s shoes. Try to live even a week without your car! How do you get your groceries? How do you get to the doctor’s?  It’s not that they want to take a trip across the U.S., it’s just the little things. That’s the obvious reason but the underlying reason is because to a senior, it’s the beginning of that downward spiral where they will have to depend on others for practically everything. Dependence is not part of our culture. We once had a client who was the oldest active driver in the state of WA…she was 102! Admittedly, she didn’t go far and she was still mentally sharp but it still seemed unnecessary.  I’m wondering if we would just decide that we were all going to give up driving by the time we hit 80 or 85, then maybe as we prepared for it, it wouldn’t be as traumatic when the day came.

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