Happy 2013!

by Lois Etienne on January 1, 2013

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Now we go from introspection (and eating too much), to New Year’s resolutions! I hope you have taken the opportunity to visit the website I recommended, www.caregiverstress.com. Now it’s time for some planning. I love the emergency preparedness plans that give us a goal for each month to try and accomplish. So, I’m going to give you some goals for this process also.

First, keep working on your education about senior care issues and options. Secondly, evaluate your mom or dad’s health and living situation. Next, talk things over with your siblings and then with your parents. Be sure and be respectful, asking them what they want. You may find that what they want is not practical but remember to try and think out of the box to help them reach their own goals with aging. Then, you will need to talk with your parents to make sure the legal things are taken care of; power of attorney, wills, etc. Finally, put together a plan that includes everyone in the family, reach out for professional help as needed and then rest knowing that you are prepared. You obviously can’t be prepared for everything that ‘might’ happen but getting this far in the process will help you feel much more comfortable about making decisions when the time comes.

I don’t know if this knowledge will give you a Happy New Year but it will give you a Better New Year than without the process. So I’ll just wish you, Happy Learning!

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