Happy New Year!

by Lois Etienne on January 2, 2012

in Holiday,Senior Health and Safety

It’s the “New Year’s resolution” time of year again. I’ll spend this week making some suggestions for seniors to consider using as their New Year’s resolutions.

1) Visit your local senior center – If you haven’t been to your local senior center, check it out. Senior centers are alive with all sorts of activities including games, crafts, lectures, lending libraries, exercise classes, educational courses, special interest clubs, entertainment, travel, parties and dances and hot lunches. Involved seniors are a lively bunch and in reasonably good health. It’s a perfect place to kick off 2012.

2) Plan to eat regular nourishing meals – Plan to eat at least one nourishing meal a day, not junk food or fast food, but a real meal. Too many seniors lose interest in eating because they are alone and don’t want to bother fixing a meal just for themselves. So invite a neighbor or friend to join you occasionally, or plan to watch a special TV show while you dine. Prepare more food than you need for one meal and eat it for several days. If that sounds repetitive, label it with the date and freeze it.

3) Increase your social contacts – You can make new friends at the senior center and church, or reach out to your neighbors and host a small get-together. Studies continually show that people involved with other people stay healthier and live longer. Try to make at least one new friend this year.

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