“Home Instead” of a Nursing Home

by Lois Etienne on February 6, 2012

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Senior care is about much more than nursing homes. No longer are nursing homes the primary resource for seniors in need of care. Instead, nursing homes today are reserved for those with the most challenging care needs, while the needs of most seniors are managed more efficiently and cost-effectively in their own homes or in local assisted living establishments. States need to recognize the cost savings of home and community-based services and budget accordingly, while also maintaining nursing homes as a key source of care for those who need them.

The prolonged economic recession has been difficult for us all, but our seniors can’t afford to wait any longer — they need improved access to quality care today. Like all Washingtonians, we are looking to our elected officials for strong leadership in the months ahead. While I believe some of our recent legislation has been harmful to the seniors in WA, I also believe you have to be informed, involved and vocal to effect change.

Whenever issues come up, please feel free to contact most anyone in your local Home Instead Senior Care offices to see how different things affect seniors. Home care is definitely part of the solution to aging in place, decreased hospital readmissions, respite care and getting involved. Do your part!

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