Learning to Fly

by Lois Etienne on March 23, 2012

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I recently came upon a book titled, When Roles Reverse: A Guide to Parenting Your Parents, by Jim Comer. Now my first thought was, I love the pictures on the front cover. They really represent the role reversal that he went through with his parents.

So, then I went to YouTube to see if I could hear him speak. I’ve included the following path for you to see that also.

There are lots of books available to help you through the process of caring for loved ones as they age. Start picking up copies and do some reading and get educated.

I was reading about a mother bird who literally was pushing her babies off the branch so they could spread their wings and learn to fly. The last little baby bird just wouldn’t let go of the branch and ended up holding onto the branch while hanging upside down.  The mother bird started pecking at the little baby’s feet until it finally let go and spread its wings and took off into flight. The mother bird knew that the “crisis” of landing in a heap on the ground below would inspire the baby bird to fly (which it naturally knew how to do, it just didn’t know that it knew).

Don’t wait until you’re in the middle of the crisis to learn how to fly. One more time, knowledge is power.

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