Less Is More

by Lois Etienne on August 3, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

Less is more when it comes to eating for a long-lasting life, or so they say. After studying monkeys who have lived most of their lives on a restricted diet, scientists found that a nutritious, but reduced-calorie diet blunts aging and significantly delays the onset of such age-related disorders as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and brain atrophy. During the 20-year course of the study, half of the animals permitted to eat freely have survived, while 80 percent of the monkeys given the same diet, but with 30 percent fewer calories, are still alive.

Now some researchers are working with about 24 people from Japan, England and the US with restricted diets over a long period of time.

Okay, I’m not saying that it’s not true…or even good or bad. But here’s my issue, why would I want to extend my life to say 120 years if my body is still feeling 120??? Now, if scientists can figure out how to make my 120 year old body feel like it is still 60 years old, that might be interesting. I personally am not one who is anxious to give up any of my food! Especially for 20+ years when I may only have that left! What’s that saying, “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!” Would you be willing to give up 25% of your daily calories for the next 20 years so that you could live to be 120?

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