Loneliness and Nutrition

by Lois Etienne on August 12, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

Spokane_WA_senior_womanWe are constantly surrounded by people, noise, distractions and it seems strange that in the midst of so much racket, we can be lonely.  I’ve had a very full life but I know that life also doles out staggering surprises at times. And some of those things can lead to loneliness and depression. But now imagine that you’re 85 years old… your’re the last living sibling of a family of 10 kids…your spouse passed on 15 years earlier…your 60 year old son just passed away from cancer…your neighbors are in their 40’s…your body doesn’t cooperate anymore…you can’t read most print…you can’t stand for a very long period of time…and it’s a downward spiral because you’re also not getting enough sleep, enough exercise, even enough nutrients. But then, it’s no fun to eat alone, let alone make a nutritious meal.  Why cook?
Loneliness…it’s one of the most serious obstacles to good nutrition that seniors could face. Seniors already face multiple challenges to good nutrition and maintaining elderly health. For instance, illnesses and diseases can dampen taste buds. Seniors on multiple medications or recovering from an illness may lose interest in eating. The conditions of aging sometimes make shopping and preparing food difficult. And then there’s loneliness. All of these issues can lead to a failure to thrive. For more information about signs to look for, go to:


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