Making New Friends

by Lois Etienne on May 30, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

Most of us have not had any problems making friends throughout our lives…okay, so maybe junior high years were a little tricky! But now that we’ve reached a new stage in our lives, like relocating or retiring, making new friends can be a little trickier. The biggest point is that you have to make the effort to make it happen.  Here are some suggestions:

Accept invitations – just getting out increases your odds of meeting new people

Try continuing education classes at your local college – many allow you to just audit the classes

Check out your local senior center – many have great activities (besides bingo!)

Take a part-time job – little extra money to top it off

Pursue your passion – as Oprah would say!

Invite neighbors for dinner

Volunteer – even at a dog shelter

Join a gym or YMCA – get in better shape AND meet new people

Go to – just enter your zip code and find tons of groups with similar interests

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