NO on Initiative 1163

by Lois Etienne on September 21, 2011

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Well, it’s Lois’s soapbox once again. As you may know, the SEIU has gotten enough signatures in WA State to once again mount an initiative (I-1163) for the voters to approve or not in November. I-1163 will put all of the components of I-1029 (mandated 75 hours of training for all caregivers, plus testing, certification, and fingerprint background checks) in effect Jan 1, 2012, even though our last legislative session delayed it until Jan 1, 2014. PLUS this new I-1163 contains language to hire state workers to help oversee the program to the tune of an extra $13 million, total cost around $80 million!

It seems like a no-brainer that the good folks of WA State would realize that Olympia has already cut millions out of much needed programs that affect vulnerable children and adults, our children’s education, basic health, etc. and would vote against this initiative. However, we’ve seen the effects of a million dollar TV commercial during the I-1029 campaign and we’re hard pressed to believe that most folks here in WA won’t vote for the warm and fuzzy!

I’ll be presenting more on this issue because it’s important but for now, please go to and check out the facts.

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