Old Age? It’s a Matter of Opinion

by Lois Etienne on December 29, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

Our own Roger Baumgart, CEO of Home Instead Senior Care® recently said, “There’s no doubt that we’re living in an aging world. What’s most interesting is that people from every generation want and expect to live well beyond the age they define as ‘old’.”

Just how old is old? Your answer depends on your age. And it depends on your gender. Baby Boomers, who once said “don’t trust anyone over 30,” now think old age doesn’t start until 77, according to a study by Marist Institute for Public Opinion conducted for Home Instead Senior Care. The age at which someone is considered old increases slightly for each generation. However, all generations want and expect to live well beyond the age they define as “old.” When asked, “At what age do you consider someone to be old?” Millennials said 62, Gen Xers said 71, Baby Boomers, 77 and the Greatest Generation, 81. Overall men consider someone to be old at age 70 years, while women say it’s 76 years. But being “old” doesn’t dampen the desire for a long life. Survey respondents from every generation would like to live a long life to 90 years, but most expect to only reach 83 years. Even that may be optimistic with average life expectancy in the U.S. at 78.4 years.

How “old” are you?

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