Online Journal of Your Journey!

by Lois Etienne on September 7, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

There was recently some positive news for those experiencing cancer or any other serious illness and the people who care for them: Staying connected helps make health journeys easier!

Patients told about going online to update family and friends about their health condition and how that process positively impacts their healing process. There’s even a personal CaringBridge website that helps patients and caregivers communicate with family and friends by helping the patient build an online journal. Followers are notified whenever it is updated and can post messages of support and encouragement.

A couple of years ago I had a friend who was battling brain cancer. She had utilized a site like this and it was wonderful because it allowed her to connect but when she had time between appointments, when she had enough stamina to sit and chat and only when she felt like it. It also enabled her to share only the things she wanted to without a lot of tiring chit chat or people asking too many personal questions.

Create a fee website for yourself or a loved one: CaringBridge users find that sharing experiences of coping with health challenges with others reduces feelings of isolation for the patient and caregiver.

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