Pancreatic Cancer

by Lois Etienne on August 10, 2011

in Senior Health and Safety

What a difference a day makes! One day our dear friend and employee was healthy and happy. The next she was hit with the news that she had pancreatic cancer! I don’t know if it gets any scarier than this. She is prepping for surgery as this piece posts so we don’t know what the future holds.

Through the caring help of another employee whose father and uncle died from pancreatic cancer, we actually received good news. There is a website,,  that is a wealth of information for pancreatic cancer patients and their families. They provide the most current information to help people make informed decisions, including treatment options, clinical trials, support groups, diet and nutrition and much more. All information and services are free. But the really cool part is that you can call them and get connected with a pancreatic cancer survivor who can help you through the dark hours and the process in general.

Life is short on a good day. It feels so unfair that wonderful people are struck down with deadly diseases. If you know of anyone suffering with pancreatic cancer, please refer them on to this site. And check it out yourself…people are LIVING with pancreatic cancer! God’s blessings to you my friend.

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