Prison For Seniors?

by Lois Etienne on August 22, 2011

in Finances,Legal,Senior Health and Safety

As people live longer, are in better health and have more energy, they sometimes get involved in things that might get them in trouble.

Unfortunately, a rise in senior crime is evident. We are seeing more senior citizens convicted of felonies, such as drug crimes, physical attacks and murder – most often against a spouse or neighbor. Some theories on the increase point to money problems, loneliness, depression, alcohol and drug abuse problems.

I was recently watching a TV show called, Beyond Scared Straight. There was a gentleman who was 63, had spent most of his life in prison and he was sharing his story with 15-17 year olds to try and scare them into changing their lives before they end up in the prison system also. It was interesting that most men looked like they were at least ten years older than their actual age.

It’s truly sad that at the point in life when contentment should be the goal, many seniors are facing the most difficult challenges one can imagine. Maybe a service like Home Instead Senior Care®, providing companionship and care, could help alleviate some of the problems associated with loneliness and depression in particular. We need people in our lives to validate us and give us hope, that’s hard to do all by ourselves.

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