Promote Sense of Purpose

by Lois Etienne on August 19, 2013

in Caregiver Support,Lifestyle,Senior Health and Safety

Social isolation is a real threat for seniors. Between problems with things like decreased eyesight and mobility or loss of a spouse or close friends, it’s real easy to stop going out and doing things they once enjoyed. Seniors with a sense of purpose or hobbies that really interest them are less likely to succumb to those negative effects of social isolation. Besides providing a sense of purpose, many hobbies and interests are inherently social in nature. Anything that involves a group, for example, playing bridge, could be said to be socially healthy. Encouraging seniors to remain active in their hobbies and interests can help them maintain their sense of purpose and keep them from becoming isolated and lonely.








Some ideas to stay socially involved:


            Have guests over for dinner

            Join friends for a card game

            Attend a movie or concert

            Join a cooking club or garden club

            Take a computer class and contact old friends

            Audit a class at a local college

            Take a Tai Chi class

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