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by Lois Etienne on April 12, 2012

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We all love a good deal, especially in this economy. Shopping at one of the various dollar stores can shave quite a bit off your monthly household budget. But, you must be careful what you purchase.

The Do Buy List:

   Cleaning products generally have the same ingredients as the name brands.

Greeting cards from $0.50 to $1.00 are frequently as nice as brand name cards that can cost as much as $5.00.

   Gift bags – honestly, it’s the only place you should buy these.

   Food storage containers, are less expensive and hold up as well as the grocery store brands.

   School Supplies can be found cheaper at stores like Target and WalMart during back-to-school sales but otherwise, this is the place.

   Wine goblets are a great find as well as large mugs

   Books and specialty CDs occasionally there are some great current reads and inspirational books. CDs with relaxing music for meditation or bubble baths can often be found along with holiday CDs.

   Seasonal items are good purchases if you have not shopped the previous years’ end-of-season sale.

   Grooming items like shampoo, loofahs, chapstick, Vaseline, soaps, nail files, combs and flossing sticks are a good value.

Now, The Do NOT Buy List: (things are listed here due to lax regulation, poor quality or you can get it elsewhere cheaper)

   Over-the-counter medications and vitamins, children’s toys (except for coloring books), batteries, plastic and aluminum wraps, pet food and pet toys, gum, oven mitts and kitchen towels, socks, power cords, sodas, and baby items.

Yes, everything in the Dollar Store is a $1 but that does not always make it a good buy. You have to be an informed shopper here just like you do everywhere else.

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