Seniors and Depression

by Lois Etienne on September 30, 2011

in Alzheimer's and Dementia,Senior Health and Safety

Depression in seniors is not to be taken lightly. Changes that occur as people age – such as the loss of a spouse – can often lead to depression, although it is not considered a normal part of aging, experts say. If the diagnosis is depression, a doctor might recommend therapy or medication.

According to the Website, following are signs of depression:

  • feeling nervous or emotionally “empty”
  • feelings of excessive guilt or worthlessness
  • tiredness or a “slowed down” feeling
  • restlessness and irritability
  • feeling like life is not worth living
  • sleep problems, including trouble getting to sleep, very early morning wakefulness, or sleeping too much
  • eating more or less than usual
  • having persistent headaches, stomachaches or other chronic pain that does not go away when treated

A number of resources can help family caregivers identify the resources they need to help them assist that senior. One such resource is the Home Instead Senior Care® network, which can provide older adults with the companionship they oftentimes need to brighten their days.

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