Sibling Conflict in Caregiving

by Lois Etienne on October 19, 2011

in Caregiver Support,Senior Health and Safety

Family conflict is nothing new or unusual. As long as there have been families, there has been conflict. It seems no family is without a battle here or there, but throw in the responsibility of caregiving for an aging parent, and “conflict” can suddenly become a polite word for what happens.

Under the stress of caregiving, perfectly reasonable and mature adults can turn into children again. The problem with this is that there is much more at stake this go-round. Sibling conflict, whether related to a parent’s care or other issues, jeopardizes the care their loved one receives.

To really provide the best care for an aging parent, siblings must focus their attention and energy on the care. If family strife is a result of unbalanced duties in caregiving, it’s time for the siblings to have a serious meeting of the minds and try to discuss your parents’ care needs and how each sibling can contribute.

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