Small families lead to Short…ages

by Lois Etienne on May 11, 2011

in Caregiver Support,Senior Health and Safety

Senior Woman and Daughter in Seattle WAI recently got to hear Ken Dychtwald speak and it was eye-opening AND I work in the industry!! I knew that with the age wave of seniors that’s rolling in on us (“us” my foot, I’m one of them!) and the sheer increased volume of needs that presents, I knew we would be short on caregivers in the future. But Mr. Dychtwald pointed out a couple of other reasons we are all going to be shorthanded.

First, there are fewer children per family so the caregiving burden can’t fall across four siblings but rather to only one or two children. Then the one daughter that it usually falls on currently lives across the states from her parents AND she’s still working full time (probably with a family of her own still to care for).

Finally, because longevity and divorce occurs in greater numbers these days, we’ve got a lot more widows and divorced senior ladies without as strong of a family support as others.

I think we need a plan. Certainly it should include long term care insurance, maybe home modifications, reverse mortgages, maybe just simplifying life. Let’s pay attention now to what the future might hold concerning how we spend our time.

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