What Do You Need Before the Crisis?

by Lois Etienne on September 26, 2011

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There was recently an article in the AARP online magazine entitled, 25 Things You Don’t Need After 50.” It made reference to things like minivans, gym memberships, all those projects you started 20 years ago AND anything in bulk from Costco! And I have to agree with most of their suggestions. I believe that as we age we really do get wiser and we find that bigger is not always better.

But there are some new things that we are going to get familiar with (whether we want to or not) and things we can’t do without. My list would include things like long term care insurance, walkers, hospitalizations, medisets, pain, but most importantly, new friends…friends who can help us maneuver through this time in our lives.

Knowledge and support systems can help dispel fears about aging. One of my suggestions is to arm yourself with research now while you are healthy and to find sources for support for the future. Too many times people wait until they are in crisis and then they have to make quick decisions that may not be the best for the circumstances…”If I had only known back then that such help was available.”

One of my suggestions is that you contact a company like Home Instead Senior Care. Sign up with them to come out for just three hours a month to maybe give your bathrooms a good scrub or mop all of your floors. The point is to be a part of a system that you’ve worked with, know and trust and then, in a time of crisis, they are only a phone call away.

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