Will There Be Enough Doctors?

by Lois Etienne on January 23, 2012

in Legal,Senior Health and Safety

By 2030, when the last baby boomer turns 65, there will be about 70 million seniors in the US. There is great concern that there will not be enough physicians to care for them. Very few doctors choose
geriatrics as a specialty because with current reimbursement practices, it’s difficult to earn a living. In 2009, there were 7,300 geriatric doctors, a 5.4% decrease from 2000 and that’s only half the number currently needed!

There is a drive to better those numbers from different angles. One way is to work on the reimbursement system. Another suggestion would be to require that ALL medical students be trained in
geriatrics. Some universities have already adopted this practice. At least being exposed to it in those schools has actually increased the number of students who have opted to specialize in geriatrics. And those who have chosen this field seem to love what they do, saying that it has great personal gratification and looking upon working with seniors as an honor and a privilege.

I don’t know about you but I’m one of the final baby boomers and I would like to know that there will be doctors who know a little something about an aging body!

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