Zumba Gold

by Lois Etienne on February 1, 2012

in Senior Health and Safety

The creators of Zumba recently introduced Zumba Gold, a new version of the Latin-inspired workout, tailored to the needs of elders. Just like Zumba, it incorporates dance/fitness routines to Latin and international rhythms but is performed at a lower intensity.

People who participate in the Zumba programs generally experience a high level of success because it doesn’t feel like exercise. Baby boomers, the original party animals, describe Zumba as “fun” and socializing and having fun makes if feel like it’s NOT exercise. Studies have proved that those who participate in routine dance exercises have improved balance, which helps prevent falls.

There is even Aqua Zumba, a water-based workout integrating the Zumba formula. Water workouts lower the impact on joints.

Zumba Gold is being offered now at many senior centers, YMCA’s and assisted living buildings. Find a local class and get “movin’ and groovin’”!

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